Using Your Bible

In this year where Family Formation focuses especially on reading Scripture, I’d like to encourage all our catechists and parents to own a personal copy of the Bible, and to read directly from it at home, as they teach Family Formation lessons, and during the Liturgy of the Word when they go to Mass.
For example, in the Older Saints activity in this week’s lesson on Death, Judgment, and Resurrection,  Family Formation tries to make the lessons convenient to use by printing the Scriptures in the text of the lesson.  We encourage all our catechists and parents to move beyond this convenience and to actually pick up their Bible and read from it.  Consider this; in many homes no one EVER picks up a Bible and reads directly from it.  Adults have a great opportunity to show that it is not only possible to read Scripture but that it is also desirable to do so.  In addition, your attitude as you read and the way you handle the actual book can show great reverence for God’s Word.  Such simple things such as these can make a great difference as you encourage your students in their own daily time with Scripture!

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