“We are the pro-life generation”

This weekend I’ve been reading lots of reports about the estimated 300,000 who were in attendance at this year’s March for Life in Washington DC.
One opinion columnist, expecting to write about the “quaint irrelevance” of the event, was surprised and disheartened to see tens of thousands of young people there.  He found that the “antiabortion movement feels it’s gaining strength” and they’re not discouraged, but confident the tide is turning toward a greater respect for life.
“We are the pro-life generation,” said signs carried by the crowd, about half its members appearing to be younger than 30. There were numerous large groups of teenagers, many bused in by Roman Catholic schools and youth groups. They and their adult leaders said the youths were taught from an early age to oppose abortion.
Young people in the March for Life said they thought they were more opposed to abortion than people in their parents’ generation because they had more information about the issue, in part because of their education.
“We start learning early on why it’s wrong. I don’t think they got the chance to do that.”

Did you catch that?  Both these interviews, and others cited elsewhere, attributed the roots of their pro-life stance to what they were taught at an early age.  That made me think of all you parents who faithfully taught this month’s lesson on the Sanctity of Life to your kids.  You colored the poster and hung it up in your home.  You taught your little ones that a baby is fully human and made in the image of God, even when it’s as small as the plastic model you got in your packet.  You looked at the HLI pamphlet with your middle schoolers.  I’m so grateful for all your efforts and for your uncompromising witness to your children.

Thank you for the difference you’re making for life!

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