Church ‘R’ Us!

To help you get a sense of how big the Catholic Church is, consider the following statistics on the Church in America from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

  • There are over ONE BILLION Catholics in the world and more than 68 million of them live in the United States.  In fact, 22% of all Americans are Catholic.
  • This includes 887,145 babies who were baptized last year, 42,629 adults who were baptized last year, and 81,775 people who were received into full Communion with the Church in 2009.  (That’s 1,011,549 people who joined last year alone!)
  • There are 424 bishops,
  • 42,489 priests,
  • and almost 17,000 ordained deacons.
  • Almost 5,000 men are studying for the priesthood in American seminaries.
  • There are almost 67,000 vowed religious (sisters and brothers).

Imagine all these people dedicating their lives to Christ and the Church He established on earth!  Isn’t it fantastic to be part of that?

One comment

  1. The Church R Us activity was fabulous! The cut-outs were great and really made it sink in to the children about how we fit into the Universal Church.

    Family Formation has been such a blessing! Thank you for all that you do to help us raise up a strong Catholic family!

    God Bless!

    Heather Kraft 🙂

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