Three Phase Plan, Part 1

Hello Everyone,

This post will begin a series of posts on how to get Family Formation up and running at your parish.  This series is primarily directed to DREs and Faith Formation Coordinators since they are the ones that ultimately have to implement the program.

The first thing to realize is that in order to bring Family Formation to your parish and have it run effectively, much ground work needs to be done.  The best way to think of it is in phases.  There are three phases to implementing a change like this.  Each phase can take a number of months or over a year.  It is important not to rush anything because a transition to family catechesis is usually a major shift in thinking, talking, and acting in a parish.  This post will deal with part of phase one.

Phase One can also be called Laying the Foundation.  The first thing to do is Pray, pray, prayWhat is it that the Lord wants for your parish and families? This is the time to gather as many people as possible to pray for this vision of education to be rooted in the hearts of your parents, families, and the entire parish.  Ask those who pray the rosary before daily Mass to begin offering their rosaries for this endeavor.  Ask parents to begin praying and discerning for this program to become a reality in your parish.  You know who your prayer warriors are … use them!  In all humility, you may want to bring Family Formation to your parish but first you need see if that is where the Holy Spirit is leading your parish currently.  So many times in ministry we forget to find out what God wants before we have made up our minds as to what we want.  So today, take some time, and just pray, and of course don’t forget that prayer involves listening.  This is such a simple step but a crucial one that should not be skipped.  My advice, take at least a half hour in prayer, an hour would be better, and more biblical.  🙂  May God guide you, your parish, and your ministries.

Yours in Christ,

Matthew Brounstein

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