Supporting Your Priest


If you’ve been using your priest paper doll since October’s lesson on the Liturgical Calendar, you may find that he’s in need of just a little help.  I’ve asked a few Family Formation veterans to share how they make their paper doll last the year (or longer) and here’s what they said:

I’m finding many uses for disposable water bottle tops.  Not only are they good for Church year bingo markers, they make handy paper doll supports!

(Filling the cap with a lump of play-doh would give it a little extra weight to help keep him upright.)

I simply used clear packing tape to attach a craft stick (Popsicle stick) to the back.  It helps it stand up straight and supports the neck.

Our Fr. Jon doll is taped to a wine cooler bottle, but you could use a beer bottle as well.  …It has worked extremely well.  We also laminated him and each of his vestments and I put little pieces of sticky velco on each for easy removal and placement.  I think we’ve actually had the same one for a number of years.

We taped the base of ours around a toy wooden block.  It’s a solid base that keeps him from tipping over.

And if I could make just one more suggestion – while you’re propping up your priest paper doll, take a little time to do something nice for your parish priest during this busy Advent and Christmas season.  Consider bringing him a meal or sending a note of thanks and encouragement.  (Freezer meals may be a good option as they can simply be thawed and reheated at his convenience.)  Pray for him and find a way to let him know you’re doing so.

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