You’ve got mail!

This week as you’re preparing to learn more about becoming a holy family, consider taking a little time to read Pope John Paul II’s Letter to Families.  Written in 1994, proclaimed the Year of the Family, this letter is full of encouragement and guidance for parents.  As papal documents go, this one is a pretty easy read and the opening paragraph sets the tone:

The celebration of the Year of the Family gives me a welcome opportunity to knock at the door of your home, eager to greet you with deep affection and to spend time with you.

Doesn’t it sound like he wants to sit in a comfy chair and have a cup of tea and a little chat with you?  Even if you don’t have time now, I highly recommend you put this document on your reading list.  All these years later I still treasure my dog-eared, highlighted copy.  It changed the way I see my work as a parent.  In fact, it was instrumental in my understanding of parenting as a vocation.

You can buy it in a neat little booklet form from any Catholic bookstore, or get it free from the Vatican’s web site.

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