Baptism Blessing

In the interest of recycling, or better yet, starting a great tradition, I’d like to suggest you save page six from this week’s lesson on Baptism and reuse it on the anniversaries of your children’s Baptisms.  It’s simple, takes just a little time, and will emphasize the importance of the most significant day of their lives!

If you don’t remember a family member’s Baptism date, simply contact the parish where it occurred.  They’ll be glad to reissue a copy of the Baptismal certificate for you.

According to Canon Law, “Each parish is to possess a set of parish books including baptismal, marriage, and death registers as well as other registers prescribed by the conference of bishops or the diocesan bishop; the pastor is to see to it that these registers are accurately inscribed and carefully preserved.  In the baptismal register are also to be noted the person’s confirmation and whatever affects the canonical status of the Christian faithful by reason  of marriage, […] adoption, reception of sacred orders, perpetual profession in a religious institute, and change of rite; these notations are always to be noted on a document which certifies the reception of baptism.”

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