Growing in holiness: Saint watching

This one’s a bit of an ongoing project, but putting in just a little work now will pay off throughout the year.

  1. Make a list of all your family’s first and middle names (and the Confirmation names of the older members).
  2. Find Saints with the same (or similar) name.
  3. Add their feast days to your family calendar
  4. When those days roll around, ask your patrons to pray for you and perhaps read a brief account of his or her life.  (There are many resources available on the internet.)

For example, my name is Susan Renee Margaret Mary so on August 11 my calendar reminds me to ask for Saint Susanna’s prayers, on October 19 it’s North American Martyr Saint Rene Goupil , and on October 17 I look for the prayers of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  I could also add patrons with whom I share an interest – wife, mother, etc.

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