October Prayer Tables

There are several beautiful images I’d recommend for your October prayer centers.  Since we’re studying the structure and the beauty of the Holy Mass, art that conveys eternal truths about the Mass are very appropriate.

Mass of Saint John of Mantha by Juan Carreno de Miranda

This one by Carreno gives us a glimpse of the unseen realities of each Mass as all of heaven celebrates and worships right along with us.

Mass of Saint Gregory by Adriaen Isenbrant

This one by Isenbrant reminds us that the Eucharist is really and truly Christ, Himself!

Miraculous Mass by Martini Simone

And, finally, I love this work by Martini Simone, with all eyes lovingly fixed on the wonder of the Eucharist!

All of these images are from the Web Gallery of Art and print in high quality making it very easy to update your prayer table.  I recommend buying an 8 x 10 clear acrylic free-standing frame from your local discount store, making it very simple to slide a new piece in whenever you’d like.

And finally, the Holy Father recently had a few words to say about the value of beautiful art:

 The Pope said art is “something bigger, something that speaks, capable touching the heart, of communicating a message, of elevating the soul. How many times, then, can artistic expressions be occasions to remind us of God, to help our prayer or the conversion of the heart.”

The Pope said that works of art “open the door to the infinite, to a beauty and a truth that goes beyond the ordinary. A work of art can open the eyes of the mind and heart. Perhaps sometimes, before a sculpture, a painting, a few verses of a poem or a song, you have experienced deep within an intimate emotion, a sense of joy, that is to have clearly perceived that in front of you there was not only matter, a piece of marble or bronze, a painted canvas, a series of letters or a combination of sounds, but something bigger, something that speaks, capable of touching the heart, of communicating a message; elevating the soul.

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  1. Such beautiful works of art! It was hard to choose just one for my prayer table. Thank you so much for having a selection to choose from!

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