Motivating responsibility

Over the years my five kids have had a lot of different catechists for Family Formation and I’ve seen many creative ideas.  One of the best ideas to motivate them to think about the classroom requirements throughout the month is setting up some kind of reward system.

On a simpler level, the catechist sets up a chart and records points at each month’s Family Formation class time for predetermined behaviors such  as attendance, memorizing the monthly Bible verse, bringing in a completed W.O.G. Log, and remembering a Bible.  At the end of the year, the student with the most points wins the big prize, and there were smaller prizes for other point values.   My son earned a prize in this classroom that still hangs on our wall.  It was only a piece of art from the dollar store, but he loved it and the year of perseverance it represented!

A slightly more complicated version involved creating currency for the class that was paid out in reinforcement for class participation in addition to the things mentioned above.  “The kids learned that if they contributed without being prompted, they earned more bucks.”  At Christmas and at the end of the year, students could use their Family Formation Bucks to purchase trinkets or candy from the group’s “store.”

Both systems are proven winners for motivating older students to take responsibility for some basic behaviors and encouraging class participation!

Thanks to Donna and Jim for the creative ideas!

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  1. I just made a chart for my class – what a great motivational idea! Thanks for sharing the classroom management ideas…the little things do make such a big difference!

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