“Welcome to our class!”

Catechists, making a quick, beginning-of-the-year call to each student before the first class meets is an effective way to start off right.  We recommend you double this impact by talking to both a parent and your student.

In the parent conversation, it’s amazing how many situations you can head off by simply asking “is there anything you want me to know that will make this a better experience for your child?”  Often, parents will remember to write the big red flags on their registration form but will neglect the seemingly less important ones.  I know of all sorts of situations where a parent’s recommendation for a tiny adjustment made all the difference!  You’ll also want to pass on all the reminders such as bringing a Bible each month, remembering the W.O.G. Log, and practicing the memory verse.

When you talk to the student, encourage them to take responsibility for their own classroom experience by giving those same reminders.  Third through sixth graders, especially, are old enough to remember to grab their Bible before walking out the door and they should also be able to practice the memory verse on their own periodically throughout the month.  These little reminders from you will help keep them on track.

Besides making a personal connection, a phone call is a great time for both parties to ask questions and and to clear up misconceptions and we hope you’ll make it a priority this week before classes begin!

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