DREs – Should You Have A Core Team?

This is Deb’s answer to our recent mailbag question:

Your question is very timely!  A few weeks ago we had two experiences that solidified our belief that having a Core Team is a crucial component to the successful implementation and ongoing success of Family Formation (specifically, of course, the prayer piece!).

We had the luxury of visiting Sacred Heart Parish in Norfolk, NE, where they have been doing Family Formation since September.  What they have accomplished in that short amount of time is nothing short of miraculous!  It looked more like it had been in place for several years.  And, aside from having all the pieces in place to make it happen at that particular moment in time, the key has been the solid Core Team that is in place and is committed to the mission!  They have prayed their way through many obstacles and hurdles and continue to do so.  Additionally, the thing we came to realize is that, while we see Family Formation as the vehicle for bringing families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, involvement on a Core Team can serve as the way to deeper holiness for its members.

While our Core Team here is comprised of volunteer ministry leaders for any birth-through-Grade-6 ministries (e.g. VBS, sacramental prep, All In God’s Plan – Tier 1, Saints Yes!, Soldiers and Handmaidens, Sunday Celebration, etc.), catechists, a few staff members, etc. (15-20 in all), teams in other parishes may look very different.  Most of our members are parents of children in the Family Formation program.  In Norfolk, very few of the members had children in the program.  Their team, however, was comprised of a variety of critical components for what they have going there: a Benedictine sister who is working with the Hispanic population, a Catholic School dad – one of their missions is to bring the Catholic School parents into the Family Formation realm, a single mother, a parent of a mentally challenged child – they are using Family Formation to catechize mentally challenged adults, a parent who is a recent convert to the faith (and wonders what difference it might have been for her if they had had Family Formation in their home when they were raising their children), a deacon and his wife (who is teaching the mentally challenged adults), the pastor, the DRE, the adult formation director, a catechist, a junior high catechist, etc.  I’m not sure it was planned that way, but it is so obvious that God has placed each of them there for a specific purpose!

The speaker at our “Come Away With Me” Series Retreat recently, Robyn Bruggeman from St. Mary’s in Larchwood, IA, also “testified” to what a difference having a Core Team has made – not only for her as the coordinator of the program, but for their parish as a whole.  They did not have a Core Team to start with, but now have a solid one in place.   From that has sprung Eucharistic adoration in their parish one day a week, parish prayer mentors for each of the Family Formationfamilies individually, prayer spilling over into youth ministry, abundant blessings she attributes to the prayer coming from that group, and untold practical help that makes her job so much easier.

We’re glad you asked and I hope to follow up soon with more posts about having a Core Team!

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