Having a Core Team: building up your parish

More testimonies from former Core Team members:

Do you need a core team?  No, God can and does work in many ways.

Is it good to have a core team?   YES, yes, yes!   God can and will work powerfully in and through your core team.

The personal growth, closer to our loving Lord, is so evident in the members of the core team.  Your parish will grow because of these people’s commitment to seek our Lord and sharing their talents.  The power of a group praying for your own families is so good!  It is a great blessing, why not allow God to work in the marvelous way?

It was one of the riches experiences of my entire life.   Even if everyone cannot participate all the time, God honors your efforts.


I believe the greatest benefit of having a core team is offering people different way to get involved in the church especially in faith formation.  I felt like I was actually a member not just a donor. There was a piece of me that really help make this church the church it is today beyond just the money I gave.  People need to feel they’re a part of the church not just a pocket book and pew  sitter.



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