Having a Core Team: covering your program in prayer

A Core Team member writes about the primacy of prayer:

My husband and I started out teaching Family Formation when we were first married and before children, so we could check out this program everyone was talking about.  Now ten tears later, three of our four children are involved and I am a member of the Core Team.  It is really neat to see Family Formation from these various perspectives (teacher, parent, core member).  Being a core member has both strengthened my prayer life and faith journey and has allowed me to share the gifts and talents God has given to me with others.  It is amazing to see how God has placed certain people in different roles at different times to use their gifts for the good of others.   I have also grown to see better that it is all for the Glory of God and His will not ours.  I believe the core team’s prayer is the strength and backbone of the whole Family Formation program.

It is a major goal of ours to keep our own program and those of our distance parishes covered in prayer.  You can read more about it in this archived post (and the 8 others in the series!) on our monthly litany, and we’re always glad to pray for parish prayer needs emailed to us by our distance parishes.  Most important though is that you get your own parishioners praying for the details of your own parish needs.  A core team is the best way we know of to do that.

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