Year-end report from Ellsworth

We thought you’d all enjoy hearing a few of the highlights of the impact Family Formation is having in Ellsworth, Wisconsin:

Our 1st year of Family Formation has made a difference in our parish. Just getting the message out, that it is the responsibility of the parents to teach the Faith to their children and we will help them, is a big deal! We do have an elementary school in our parish which goes through 5th grade. I overheard some of the 5th graders talking exitedly about going to Family Formation next year. Yeaa!

We have opened up our Family Formation Adult Talks to the whole parish, since we are using the church and there is plenty of room. Depending on the month and the speaker we have had a large amount of parishioners other than the Family Formation parents come for these talks. The range was from 20 to 50 additional people!  The parish is catching on and it has gotten much attention.

I am looking forward to another great year of Family Formation. Have had 4 different parishioners that have approached me, without my asking, wanting to do a Family Formation talk. That is amazing to me.


Thanks to Joan for sharing a report of her parish’s first year with Family Formation!  This is also the perfect place to remind readers that we would love to talk with you about bringing this transforming program to your parish!  You can start at our website, with our workshop folder, or simply by contacting us.

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