Heart of the Lesson: Learning about the Saints

heart saintsWithin the past few days you’ve attended Mass for the Solemnity of All Saints’ Day and have maybe even gone to an All Saints’ Day party. Either way, it’s a good tie-in to this week’s lesson on the Saints and good time for a little review. (“What did we celebrate on All Saints’ Day?”)

Until you actually start to learn about the saints, they can seem so obscure. What can we possibly have in common? The fun part of learning more about the saints is that you’ll soon find lots and lots of answers to that question, and our lesson opens with just a few.

  • Is school hard for you sometimes?
  • Have you lost your temper or disagreed with your mother, or complained about your chores?
  • Do you like to do silly stuff and like to dress up sometimes?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, YOU have something in common with a saint that you’ll learn about in this lesson!

There are so many ways to learn about the saints, but perhaps the easiest is to start with today. Each canonized saint is assigned a calendar day for his or her celebration. For example, on November 4 we celebrate the very energetic and accomplished Charles Borromeo. You can read more about him here or here.   If you have a church calendar (given out free at many parishes), you’ll find saints listed for the entire year. You can get an overview at the USCCB’s site and find even more at other on-line sources. There are many versions of books about saints, including some that feature a different short biography for each day of the year. (Check any bookstore, online retail sources, or even your public library to find one to match the reading level of your children.) All of these resources are great places to start, just one day at a time.

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