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Some creative ideas from one of Family Formation’s distance parishes.

I decided to do a couple of new things this year and they are working really well.

Our families were not doing the memory verses. I’m not for sure why. I believe it is important for us to memorize parts of our faith so I came up with another option for the families. Each month they can do the memory verse OR learn a new prayer. Learning a new prayer has been a hit!

I printed each prayer on 1/4 sheet of colored cardstock (the bright colors) (English on one side and Spanish on the other). Each prayer card has two holes punched in it so it can become part of a prayer ring.

At our first session for the year, each child picked up the cards that had the prayers they already knew on them AND one prayer to learn. These prayer cards were put together with covers using one inch metal book rings. Each month that the child learns his/her prayer, he/she can pick a new prayer to learn.

The kids like being able to pick a new prayer to learn. One boy has an extra prayer ring that they keep in the vehicle they drive to meet the bus. Each morning they pray on the way to the bus stop and he works on learning his prayer.

A Hispanic mother was very excited last month because she and her son had both learned the “Our Father” in English. She told me that she goes to the English Mass but always prays the “Our Father” in Spanish. She was obviously excited that she could now pray it in English.

Thanks, Anne, for sharing these great ideas!

We love hearing your creative ideas for making Family Formation work better!  Feel free to email them to us or just comment on the blog.

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