Heart of the Lesson: A Child’s Vocation

Child's Vocation

When we think about vocations for kids, it’s logical to think about the future; after all, your 8-year-old isn’t going to get married or become a priest any time soon. But the fact is, their vocation right now is to be a single person who is to grow in holiness. Just as your pastor’s vocation is to be a priest who is growing in holiness and most of you parents are married people who are being called to grow in holiness. (You caught that, right?)

We ALL now and always share this common thread!

growing in holiness bookThis lesson shares some of the tried-and-true-promise-to-be-effective ways to make that happen. After reading through these, distill your resolutions into the activity, My Growing in Holiness Book.

This is a good activity for the entire family because you know your kids will be more likely to stick with it if they see you are doing it too. The idea is simple, each month pick a growing-in-faith resolution and check off the days when you do it successfully. I’m inclined suggest you pick things that are small and very doable (pray a Morning Offering each day, read the daily Gospel, do a daily secret good deed), but if you think this is the perfect opportunity to start going to daily Mass or to begin praying a family Rosary, go for it!

Actually, that brings me to another point. While this activity is designed to be for individuals, it would also work really well as a whole-family resolution. Either way, remind and encourage each other and your whole family will benefit!

 Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works!

Hebrews 10:24

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