Heart of the Lesson: The Beatitudes


The Beatitudes are as basic to the Faith as the Commandments, and equally as multi-layered. “Blessed are they who show mercy.” Sounds simple, right?  Well, how ’bout “poor in spirit,” “meek,” and “hungering for righteousness”? This booklet goes through each of the eight Beatitudes to help us understand and practice them better.

The word “beatitude” essentially means “happiness” and they are our road map to get there.

One more thing:
Lots of Family Formation stuff is disposable: you do it, display in on your prayer table or refrigerator for awhile, and then toss it in the recycling bin. But when you get something like this activity, where your kids put a significant amount of effort into drawing or writing personal meditations, it has a higher value.

I’d suggest a couple options:

  • Write their name and date on the back and toss it in a file or box where you’ll see it in the future. It’s a lovely little snapshot of their faith life at this moment in time and it’ll be fun to look at it in a few (or many) years to measure growth.
  • Mail it to a grandparent or godparent or someone else who cares about your child’s growth in the Faith. Not only will they be blessed by the gift (evidence that you are passing on something very precious to your children), but it’ll serve as an invitation/reminder that you’re depending on them for this whole “passing on the Faith” thing.  I’ll just bet it renews their commitment to pray for your efforts to pass on the Faith, and who wouldn’t want more of that?

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