Tips from the Field

We’re always glad to hear ideas from Family Formation DREs and families!  This one comes from a veteran DRE who has found an easy way to help her program’s parents build community and get more out of the monthly talks.

I believe Family Formation is firmly rooted in the minds and hearts of our families. We continue to make small changes with the hopes of improving the program each year. One of the bigger changes in the past couple of years is to break off into small group after the adult sharing with questions about what they just heard from the presenter. This has been a challenge for many because sharing about faith matters is difficult. The more we do it the better it becomes. We feel it is creating an environment for our parents to get to know each other a bit more outside of the Sunday liturgy with the hopes of building community within the church and most importantly to help people talk about their faith so it becomes easier for them. Hearing what others do in their homes to grow in their faith also gives them encouragement and sometimes the push they need to do the same. Changes takes time…..just plain hard for most!

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