Praying for those in Purgatory

padre pioIt’s the month where we are specifically praying for all those who have died so it’s the perfect time to share an idea from a Family Formation family here at the Church of Saint Paul. It was inspired by Padre Pio’s devotion to praying for the souls in purgatory. On the wall of his friary was posted a list of 100 sins with a box of 100 numbered disks just below. Each time one of the monks would pass by, it was the practice to choose a disk, find the corresponding group on the list and simply pray an “Eternal Rest” for those in that group to be released from purgatory a bit sooner.

You can easily develop the same practice in your own domestic church with a box, 50 small things you can write a number on (tiles, glass beads, wooden disks, etc.), and this list of people in purgatory.

Padre Pio – prayers for those in Purgatory


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