Do Sundays Count?

Family Formation reminds us in many places that each Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection, but how ’bout all that stuff I gave up for Lent?  Do I need to give it up on Sundays too?


For a well-thought-out argument looking at both sides, click over here.

Both the “I don’t cheat on Sundays” people and the “Sundays don’t count” people believe that Church teaching is on their side. Or perhaps they just think there isn’t a formal Church teaching on it, so it is a matter on which good Catholics are allowed to disagree.
But we can’t ALL be right, right?

Personally, my philosophy is that if I’ve struggled all week to develop a good habit or to give up a bad one, why would I lose all that good progress by back-pedaling on Sunday?  On the other hand, there is nothing intrinsically evil about a piece of chocolate, and having one after Mass is likely just adding one more good thing to a good day!  (But, on the third hand, I always remember someone I know who would give up chocolate but then eat an obviously gluttonous amount on Sundays.  Ugh.)  Look at your motivation and the big picture of gains and losses, and know the Church is behind you in your decision.

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