Partners in the Gospel: Holy Heroes

Partners in the Gospel

Every now and then something comes to our attention that fits really well with our mission of family catechesis, and we’re glad to share it with you.

Holy Heroes definitely falls into that category with their goal to help you bring the joy of the Faith to your family.  Not only do they produce many original products, they also have a carefully curated selection of other things available for sale.  (We’ve never found one we wouldn’t highly recommend!)

This time, we encourage you to take a look at one of their new ventures: St. Mary’s Messenger magazine.  It’s a quarterly publication for kids aged 7-12.  Kids love to get mail, and a subscription to St. Mary’s Messenger will provide stories, puzzles, and games, and more – all designed to help your child grow in their love of the Catholic Faith.

They sent me a sample copy from last year’s fall/Advent season that includes recipes and other suggestions for celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a St. Andrew’s Christmas Novena bingo game, and details about their penpal program.  (Penpals!)

They’ll be opening up subscriptions again sometime this summer, so I suggest you get on their mailing list to keep up with the latest, and consider subscriptions for godchildren and grandchildren as well.  (Click here and scroll to the bottom to join.)

St Mary's M

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