In today’s mail

In Today's Mail - smallWe had two volunteers from the parish donate their time and resources and made us a WOG mascot costume….just by looking at the picture you have on your website. It turned out great!  We had some high schoolers greet the children as they came for class in October….WOG is a hit!!

We are having WOG greet the children each month this year as they come for Family Formation. WOG loves to wave, give “high fives” or “fist bumps.” Then, WOG visits briefly in the classrooms where WOG’s sidekick encourages the children to read the Scriptures and use their WOG log.

WOG Mascot.jpg

Obviously, we love this idea!  Visiting the classroom with a sidekick sounds like an especially great way to encourage kids to keep up their Bible reading throughout the month.  Thanks for sharing it, Christine!

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