How to Promote Vocations in Your Family

This month’s Classroom Lessons (and some of the Home Lessons) are looking at what it means to hear and answer God’s call to a specific vocation, so we’re going to add to all that fun here with some added information for parents.  First up, you’ll find a page in your January packet on how to promote vocations, but it’s so great that we wanted to share it here too. (see below)

familyI do want to make a minor edit, though.  Instead of How to Promote Vocations in Your Family, I think it should be entitled How to Help Your Kids Become Committed Catholic Adults Who Have a Great Relationship With Jesus.  Every idea on the double-sided 10-point-font page is simply a wonderful way to share your faith, strengthen your family life, and encourage your kids to embrace the joy of being Catholic.  (And yes, that will probably lead them to ask and listen to the Lord’s specific call to them.)

  • Let the name of Jesus be part of your family vocabulary
  • Pray with your children
  • Teach Bible stories
  • Bless your children
  • Teach your children how to love the Mass
  • Look for opportunities for service
  • Work on the formation of their character
  •  Fill your family life with beauty and joy
  • And many more ideas!

We hope you’ll spend a few minutes with it and find a few fresh ideas!

How to Promote Vocations in Your Family – Parent Pages.

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