Lesson Notes: The Apostles, Our Firm Foundation

This is one of those super simple lessons where you just link over to the audio and listen together.  Nice, right?

Just a couple notes:

  • There is an additional section inside with some more information about Saint Peter so don’t miss that.
  • Pointing to JesusJesus united the apostles (and all Christians throughout history) to the mission he received from the Father. We can do nothing apart from Him; He is the source of our mission and gives us the power to carry it out.  CCC 859
  • If you didn’t visit your Cathedral when we did the Trip to the Cathedral lesson in October, now would be a great time!
  • Also, it’s easy to think about the hierarchy of the Church as a somewhat separate entity, but make sure your kids understand that the entire Church as we know it today with the pope and bishops and priests and your parish and your cathedral and the Vatican and all of that was started by Jesus and passed on to these twelve guys He used to hang out with a lot.  Jesus was the root of the Church’s beginnings and Jesus is still the center of it all.  Everything the Church is and does is there to point us to Jesus!  If your kids only get one thing out of this lesson, make sure they know that Jesus is the origin and will always be at the center of it all.

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