Lesson Notes: Becoming a Holy Family

Becoming a Holy Family

This lesson is scheduled to be done sometime around Christmas and we suggest you use some family gathering opportunities to do the first activity.  Jesus had many ancestors and you do too!  At the basic level, list as many ancestors as you can and pray for them over the upcoming days.  If you’re really lucky, you’ll be able to get some extended family members involved in the conversation and will hear some new names for the list. And if some grandparent or great-aunt starts telling stories from long ago, by all means, try to record it!  You’ll be glad you did!

The other activity would likely work better with a smaller group and is simply an exercise in appreciating each other.  You’ll need an “I am Special” card for each family member and you just pass them around the table, writing something you appreciate about them on each person’s card.  Simple and profound.

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