Lesson Notes: Celebrating Who We Are

In the last Home Lesson for the month (the purple one) we’re going to celebrate!

No matter what your circumstances, God has given your family the gift of one another and it’s important to establish family traditions to celebrate those gifts. Celebrating is an awesome form of gratitude!

Family Traditions can be almost anything – simple or complex, things that happen every day or only once a year, they can be events or food or a secret handshake, or pretty much anything that connects you all to your ancestors or connects you to each other going forward.

And the Catholic Church also has many, many, many traditions and celebrations and part of this lesson is to help you to intersect those two circles so some of your family traditions overlap with some cherished Church traditions.

Start by taking a look at traditions you already have, and then we challenge you to think about what you could add. We have a few suggestions in the lesson.