Lesson Notes: God’s Living Word

This week, you’re going to learn more about God’s Living Word.

In a nutshell, the Bible is not like any other book.  It holds truth that is never obsolete, it is never irrelevant. There are hundreds of translations, but you’re never going to see the new, latest edition with an extra update for Millenials, or Gen-xers.   Generation Alpha is not going to surprise God with some new need He hadn’t thought of.

The Holy Spirit guided the hearts and minds of those who wrote it, and once that same Holy Spirit inspired the Church to declare, “This is it.  It’s done,” it was indeed done. The Church will never add or take away pieces.

But just because the words are decided, doesn’t mean that the way it works in our heart is.  Reading the Bible always leaves God’s fingerprints on our life.  It changes us, and this is illustrated in a parable about planting seeds. We want you to read it together and talk about it together, and for just a minute let your kids wonder what Jesus meant by this story.

And the gratification for that is almost instant because the people who heard the story didn’t get it and asked him to explain.  You know … “say it like I’m 5 years old.” And Jesus really wanted them to get it, so He broke down the story bit by bit and that is reflected in the activity piece.

In advance, you may want to fold it and cut the flaps according to the instructions. The Parable is on the inside center – read that and look at the pictures, and then, to see the meaning, fold the flaps of that section in and read.

One good way to plant those seeds in your heart is to find a piece of scripture that speaks to you and hang on to it.  That’s what the Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart activity is about. We have a page of Scripture suggestions, and printed instructions for a heart origami. If you would like to see illustrated instructions, follow this link.