Lesson Notes: Jesus-His Life on Earth

In this lesson we are going to take a look at the Incarnation – a fancy word summing up the truth that the Son of God became a man, body and soul, and was born to live on earth to teach us and ultimately to die to save us, so the gates of heaven could be opened for us.

Jesus is a real person and lived in a real place on earth. He was born into a family and went to school and did chores and had friends.  These kinds of things have relatable parallels to our own lives and the activities take a look at that.

Start with the map page, referencing some Bible stories where we can read about Jesus being in places we can still go to today. If you ever visit Israel, you can walk where Jesus walked, see where He was born, go to the places where He taught, and visit the place where He died. It doesn’t get much more concrete than that!

There is also a timeline activity showing that just as our lives can be plotted on a timeline, so can the life of Jesus. We were born, we will die, and there are a number of linear things that happen in between.  We are doing this today, but something else tomorrow, and next year and so on …  Spending time with these things we have in common can help us all to better know and love Jesus as our brother and friend.