Lesson Notes: Jesus, the Good Shepherd

In this third lesson, we are looking at some things Jesus told us about Himself.

If I were to introduce myself to you, I might include things like, I am Tony’s wife. I am Nick’s mom. I work at the Church of Saint Paul. I am a Catholic. I like to knit. – any number of things that I choose (based on the situation) that tell you a little about me.

Jesus’ list is much grander, but He did something similar. He said things like, I am the Light of the World. I am the Bread of Life. And I am the Good Shepherd, and all of these tell us things about Him.

This image of a shepherd is one we see throughout the Bible and it tells us a lot about Jesus’ relationship with us. We’re going to learn more about all those things and then how they relate to us as individuals and as a family.

You’ll want to cut apart the cards for the matching game ahead of time, so you’re ready to go for this activity.

The final game is just for fun. It’s more active and gives your kids the opportunity to gently herd their own sheep into a pen. The instructions are on the back page of the lesson. It’s fun with a pool noodle, but something like a large wooden spoon or a broom will also work, and you can make the course as challenging or simple as you’d like.