Lesson Notes: Learning to Rely on the Holy Spirit

For week three we’re going to look at a bunch of very practical ways in which we can learn to rely on the help the Holy Spirit is always offering to us.

Everyone needs help and before he went back to Heaven, Jesus promised to send a helper who is always with us to teach us and guide us. Much of that help comes from the gifts the Holy Spirit brings to us. The official terms might not be part of your everyday vocabulary (piety, fortitude, counsel, fear of the Lord…), but I promise we break it all down in ways that even young kids can understand, and we make it into a game.

You’ll need to do a little preparation by cutting the game cards apart and collecting a marker for each player, and dice.

Each of the cards will tell your family just a little bit more about how the Holy Spirit works in your lives, and as you move along through the game, the point is to collect one from each category.  You’ll need to help non-readers, but the text itself is very family friendly.

And finally, there’s a little piece about how you might plant little seeds of faith in your life, and you can water them and perhaps give them a little plant food, but ultimately it is God who will make the seeds grow.  And He will! In fact, it’s one of the things He likes to do best so plant those seeds and watch God, the Holy Spirit do wonderful things in your life and the lives of your children.