Lesson Notes: Our Ancestors in the Faith

In our classroom lesson this month, we learned about God’s plan to undo everything that was broken by mankind’s first sin in the Garden of Eden.

We chose to be separated from God and we certainly deserved it, but at the bottom of it all, God still loved us. He always loves us and, no matter how far we have moved from God, He works to woo us back.  And that’s what most of the Old Testament is about – God renewing His promises of love and mercy, and slowly, slowly forming a group of people to receive it. We can think of these people – Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Mary and Joseph (and lots more) as our ancestors in the Faith.

You also almost certainly have some more recent ancestors in Faith. 

  • Someone (maybe many people) have told you about Jesus. 
  • You’ve seen someone who makes following Christ look like an attractive proposition.
  • Someone brought you to church to be baptized.
  • Someone helped you prepare for your first Communion. 
  • Someone invited you to church, or a bible study or a youth group event. 

These are some of YOUR ancestors in the Faith, and we invite you to pass these important stories on to your kids.  So think about it a little ahead of time.  If you have photos or other mementos, get them out.

Your kids don’t just need someone to drive them to Mass on Sundays, they are much more likely to grow up with Faith in Christ if they get to see it as something your family does – that the faith is ALIVE in your family!  This does not mean you know all the answers or never fail. It does mean that being a Christian is important enough to you to keep you trying.

Getting the sense that they are part of something bigger than themselves has a strong attraction and will help your kids stay firm in the Faith even when they see the opposite all around them.  That’s why we’re inviting you to celebrate together and worship together and learn together.  Being Catholic – loving Jesus – is something your family DOES. So tell those stories even if they seem ridiculously simple.  They are firm evidence that God is still forming a group of people (your very personal group) to receive His love and mercy.