Lesson Notes: The Holy Spirit at Work in Your Life

In this lesson we’re talking about what powers our lives and an easy analogy is to think about electricity.  What would life possibly be like without it?  Unless your family has experience with primitive-site camping it might be a stretch for your kids to imagine it.  No phone or lights or refrigerator. Your toys may have batteries, your water has an electric pump and your car starts with electricity from a battery. Electricity is one of those things that is just always there and it’s super easy to take it for granted.

And I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this, but electricity is a pretty relatable analogy for the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He is with us always and everywhere and is at work so gently and so constantly that it is easy to be unaware of all He is doing in our lives. 

One of the best ways to grow in relationship with the Holy Spirit is just to start to notice Him. One of the goals of this lesson is to simply help your family become more aware of what’s he’s doing in your lives.

It used to be that God had a temple in Jerusalem where His Power and Presence lived – it was kind of like a house for God.  But now, because of the saving work of Jesus, we are now that temple where God’s Power and Presence live.  During Holy Week we’ll read about the great curtain of the temple being torn in two at the moment Jesus died.  What He did for us changed everything!

(Plan ahead for the simple water demonstration that goes with this part of the lesson. Directions are at the bottom on page 2.) When someone is baptized some remarkable things happen:

  • We become adopted children of God
  • Christ comes to live in us
  • All sins are forgiven
  • We receive virtues and graces and a share in the live of the Trinity (and more)!

Even more important is that all those things happened to YOU when YOU were baptized and that’s worth remembering and celebrating.


Put together The Graces of Baptism activity and display in on your prayer table as a reminder of this wonderful gift! And while you have those dates in mind, be sure to add them to your calendar and celebrate them in some simple way each year.

This lesson ends with that thing I mentioned a minute ago about becoming more aware of the work of the HS in your lives.

Ask your kids: Have you ever been nice to someone? Have you told someone you love them? Have you shared something or appreciated a sunset or told the truth or followed the rules or done any one of a thousand other things we would label as good?  Of course the answer is YES, and with that yes comes the recognition that the Holy Spirit is at work in your life. We challenge you point out some incidents of goodness in your children’s behavior and attitudes.  Label them as Holy Spirit moments and say it aloud – Thanks you for (doing that) – the Holy Spirit is at work in you!

And grownups: we hope you will do the same with your own moments of goodness. Recognize these moments of grace and whisper a prayer of thanks to the Holy Spirit!

And with all this talk about baptism, I really need to issue an invitation.  If you or any of your children are not yet baptized, this is your invitation to get started on that path of Faith. The Holy Spirit is calling you to accepts all the wonderful gifts God has for you!  The process is simple and you can get started by talking to your priest or your Family Formation director.  Come join the family!