Lesson Notes: Who Does God Say We Are?

The second Home Lesson is the blue one, Who Does God Say We Are?, and in it we’ll be taking a closer look at what the Church has to say about the importance of the family.

The family – every person in a family – was created to be a gift to one another. You work together, encourage each other, teach each other, serve each other, and have fun together. Of course, since we’re all fallen human beings, we also fail in all these things regularly, but then we also get to learn how to forgive each other and how to encourage each other to do better in the future. Just as God forgives us and encourages us to do better in the future.

And there’s an important clue there, reminding us that every family is meant to be a sign to point others to God. Jesus was born into a family and while it’s easy to imagine it could be no other way, it’s important to know that God made it that way on purpose and that the little family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph have a lot to teach your family.

Living in a family gives us endless opportunities to think good thoughts, say good words, and do good deeds, something your kids learned about in class this month. If you still have the I’m on a Mission sheet your kids got in class, this would be a great time to pull them out again.

The Church teaches that the family is the building block of society, and we suggest a stacking game to illustrate how a strong foundation can make your family’s “building block” a strong one. (Directions at the top of page 3)

The final game is a challenge for your kids to follow the clues you’ve hidden all around your house. Each one is going to help you all learn how every family, even yours!, can help others know more about Jesus, just by your everyday witness to others. Parents, you’ll want to prepare for this game by cutting apart the clue cards and hiding them according to the directions on the back page of the lesson.