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Extravaganza Sneak Peeks

September 8, 2017

Everything is coming together for next weekend’s big kick-off event!  Our theme is all about the miraculous apparitions at Fatima and we’re super excited to share it with our Family Formation families here at the Church of Saint Paul!  We’re testing games, assembling craft materials, finalizing decorations, and packaging snacks – all to create a big start to our year full of learning about Jesus, fun, praising Jesus, fellowship, inviting Jesus to be the center of our families, prayer, and … did I mention Jesus?



Just a reminder – Saturday families should be here by 9:30 a.m. on September 16 and Monday starts at 7:00 p.m. on September 18.  If you are new to Family Formation, bring your whole family an hour earlier for a brief orientation to what we do (child care and a meal will be provided).

We look forward to seeing you all then!

Sneak Peek

September 14, 2016

Step right up to the Midway for fun games this weekend at our Kick-off Extravaganza!  These trading cards are one of the prizes and are only available this weekend.  Collect them all!


The Great Minnesota Get-Together

September 12, 2016



It’s hard to imagine we can improve on the best State Fair in the country, but we’re going to extend the fun by making it our Extravaganza theme this year.  Join us for a few of your Fair favorites with a Family Formation twist.  Bring your family on your registered day; Saturday, September 17 (9:30 a.m.) or Monday, September 19 (7 p.m.) for our annual Kick-Off Extravaganza!


Our Pilgrimage with Pope Francis

September 18, 2015

IMG_8871We’ve finally recovered from our virtual pilgrimage (aka Extravaganza!) just in time to leave on the real pilgrimage to Philadelphia next week, but before we go I wanted to share a few photos from our kick-off Extravaganzas this week.

All the kids got their travel credentials which also served as a check list for the day’s fun.


The first thing on the list was to find their classroom and meet their catechist so we’re all ready to go in October.


We dropped off summer W.O.G. Logs and picked up new ones, along with tithing envelopes, for the upcoming year.


We had a visit from Saint Faustina.


We joined our families to the prayer that will be happening next week at the World Meeting of Families.


IMG_1209 (1)

And your prayer requests are all sealed into a big envelope and are ready for us to bring to Masses in Philadelphia!

Families personalized holy water bottles, complete with to-go hooks for their pilgrimage adventures this year.



The photo booth, complete with a lesson on the Holy Doors that Pope Francis will open for the Jubilee year, was a huge hit!




We had snacks, played games, and signed up for some of this year’s extra programs!




All in all, it was a fantastic day and we’re already planning next year’s theme.  (Extravaganza on a Stick, anyone? J)

27 years and counting …

September 12, 2015

We had our first family meeting of the year today (pictures coming soon) and I’ve gotta say – one of the nicest parts is seeing so many people who were in Family Formation as kids come back this year with their own kids!

Picturing a religious vocation

October 2, 2014

Church of Saint Paul parents – when you’re at your Family Formation classroom time this Saturday or Monday, be sure to stop by the table in the entry to find your kids’ vocations photos from the Extravaganza.  We didn’t take names, but they are divided by gender and by Saturday or Monday.  Nevertheless, this was a popular booth so it may take you a few minutes to find yours.

It’s our hope that this simple, fun activity will open up all sorts of conversations about vocations and asking for God’s direction and listening to His call!

(You may also want to go to our facebook page to see other photos of the event!)

nun priest

Letters to Pope Francis

November 11, 2013

Church of Saint Paul families,

We wanted to let you know that the letters you wrote to Pope Francis at our Extravaganza kick-off have all been mailed.  More than a few kids requested a phone call or return note from His Holiness, so be sure to let us know if you receive some communication from  Rome sometime soon!

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