Our Pilgrimage with Pope Francis

IMG_8871We’ve finally recovered from our virtual pilgrimage (aka Extravaganza!) just in time to leave on the real pilgrimage to Philadelphia next week, but before we go I wanted to share a few photos from our kick-off Extravaganzas this week.

All the kids got their travel credentials which also served as a check list for the day’s fun.


The first thing on the list was to find their classroom and meet their catechist so we’re all ready to go in October.


We dropped off summer W.O.G. Logs and picked up new ones, along with tithing envelopes, for the upcoming year.


We had a visit from Saint Faustina.


We joined our families to the prayer that will be happening next week at the World Meeting of Families.


IMG_1209 (1)

And your prayer requests are all sealed into a big envelope and are ready for us to bring to Masses in Philadelphia!

Families personalized holy water bottles, complete with to-go hooks for their pilgrimage adventures this year.



The photo booth, complete with a lesson on the Holy Doors that Pope Francis will open for the Jubilee year, was a huge hit!




We had snacks, played games, and signed up for some of this year’s extra programs!




All in all, it was a fantastic day and we’re already planning next year’s theme.  (Extravaganza on a Stick, anyone? J)

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