All In God’s Plan

This week, as you explore this week’s lesson on the Sanctity of Life, you may be interested in some of the opportunities offered at the Church of Saint Paul to aid you in teaching a Catholic view of human sexuality to your children.  I would specifically like to draw your attention to a ministry called All In God’s Plan.

All In God’s Plan is a three-part ministry aimed at aiding parents in their discussions with their children regarding obedience, chastity, modesty, puberty, femininity/masculinity, family relationships, and later, relationships with the opposite gender.

Generally, Tier I ministers to youth ages 9-13, Tier II is for ages 14-17, and Tier III is generally for high school seniors.  Parents are strongly encouraged to evaluate their children’s needs based on their own growth and exposure to these topics.  One parent may have a nine year-old whom they believe is ready for the topics discussed in Tier One, while another parent’s child may be 12 or 13 before he or she is ready.  Simple things like where the child attends school and where the child falls in his birth order may make a difference for each child.

Since many of our readership will have children in the Tier I age range, I’d like to offer some of the details for the Tier I opportunities.  If you are interested in learning more about Tiers II or III, I encourage you to call the parish office.

At the Church of Saint Paul, we offer a Father-Son BBQ and a Mother-Daughter Tea each spring.  The Father-Son BBQ is scheduled for Saturday, April 17 and the Mother-Daughter Tea will take place on Sunday, April 18.  Registration will begin the end of February.

Previous to the BBQ/Tea we will hold a Parent Night on Wednesday, March 24 at 7pm for all parents interested in attending these events.  Attendance at the Parent Night is required for attendance at the BBQ/Tea, but you may also attend if you are discerning whether your child is ready to attend these events.  At the Parent Night, we will offer insight from parents who have experienced these teachings with their own children, we will hear of the Church’s teaching on the significant role of parents in teaching their children, and we will also offer an overview of what to expect from your children during the stages of puberty.  We will cover in detail the topics that will be discussed at the BBQ/Tea as well.  Several resources will be available to review at the Parent Night.  We always keep the innocence of your children in mind and the topics covered at these events are on a very simple and pure level.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, mollykoop (at), or contact Matt Brounstein at the parish office.


  1. I have a daughter who is 12, and a son who is 18.
    I would like to get info. on how to register my
    children in this program. Thank you.

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