Lent: Happy Fasters Wanted!

Hello Everyone,

Lent is fast approaching us.  Every year I really try to get into the season of Lent but right before it approaches I always feel a loathing inside of me.  I usually end up saying to myself, “Great, Lent!  Could anything make winter longer, more cold, and bleak?”  Not exactly the best attitude to have when we are supposed to prepare for Christ’s death and ultimate Resurrection!  I think this Lent we should really focus on what Lent is all about:   Christ died for you, stop being so selfish and show some love in return!  That pretty much sums it up in my mind.  Lent is a chance to give up things we are attached to, to try to do some more things we usually don’t, and a time for our families to be tested in patience and charity as we try to give up and do more.  🙂

Need ideas of what to give up for Lent?  How about these for starters:

Internet (permanently or just recreational use)

Cell phone (permanently or just recreational use)





Eating Dessert or Candy

Talking for a day (No I am not kidding.  I have known people who did this and it brought a great deal of silence in their lives to hear God.  Or, if you can’t handle that, speak only when spoken to for one day a week.)

Give up dressing casual and dress up for Friday’s in honor of God’s sacrifice…or dress up for Mass more than you normally do.

Sarcasm….really (and I don’t mean for the “really” to be taken sarcastically)

One thing you should never give up for Lent is your sense of humor.  You should be able to laugh at yourself and your possible failures as you try to offer more of yourself to God.  Remember, He made you, He is calling you to more, and He does understand when you fail.  Remember, He made us with the ability to laugh and wants us to be able to.  So, don’t take yourself too seriously in Lent but do take Lent seriously.  Less you, more God, and when you fail, be humble about it and move on.  And don’t forget to pray for your family as they are going through Lent with you as well.

Yours in Christ,

Matt Brounstein


  1. I LOVE Lent! I’m convinced I get extra graces for spiritual progress during that season and I look forward to it every year.

    I’m intrigued by the idea of incorporating more silence into my life, and while it wouldn’t be practical for me to give up talking for a day, I could give up radio in the car, or listening to my iPod at home. I also love staying after Mass long enough that I can pray in silence after the music has stopped and most of the people are out eating donuts. Fr. Jon is always talking to us about the necessity of silence in our prayer lives.

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