Ora Pro Nobis

Received today in an email from the Family Formation office:
Some of you may remember Paul Furey – from St. Mary’s in New Ulm.  He was a strong proponent of Family Formation, and was the DRE at St. Mary’s which was the very first parish to use the program outside of ours.  He died a couple of years ago after a difficult, but oh so heroic, battle with cancer.  I was going through some odds and ends here this week and ran across a letter from him that included this.  I thought you might find it inspiring, as I did:
“Already Family Formation has been a great blessing to our parish.  True, there’s a bit of tension here and there, but when you’re pulling someone up by a rope who’s been hanging hopelessly over a dangerous cliff, basic physics would say there’s going to be tension.  If the family is the basic cell of society, as the Church teaches, then restoring families to Christ one by one is perhaps the greatest missionary venture of our time.  The New Springtime, it seems to me, is primarily the full manifestation of Vatian II in transforming the mind and renewing the heart of the Domestic Church for the Third Millenium.”
-Paul Furey

October 18, 2000

Is that BEAUTIFUL, or what?  (Saint) Paul Furey … Pray for us!

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