Personal Testimony

Hello Everyone,

Just received this blog post by Heather Kraft, one of the many people who is doing Family Formation in their home.  Thought I would re-post it here:

Today was my first day as a catechist in the Family Formation program. This is our third year in the program, but my first actually being a teacher for the monthly meetings. I am teaching a kindergarten class (which my Lillian is in) and had a good time with the kids. I can’t get over how everything is so well mapped out! It really empowers anyone willing to put forth a bit of effort to become a knowledgeable teacher of the Catholic faith. The more I learn about and use Family Formation, the more I like and enjoy it! We are studying the liturgical year with the different seasons and feast days celebrated by the Church  throughout the year. We discussed the different colors of the church year (green, white, red, and violet) and when they would be visible in the church. We dressed the priest paper doll in the correct color vestments, played BINGO with different feast days within the church, and made some super cool hats!

Lillian and Joseph with their liturgically colored hats.

The children are all encouraged to read the bible each day and record it in their Word of God (WOG) Log. If they turn these in to their teacher, they are entered into a drawing. This month, the drawing was for a Dairy Queen gift card and my Joseph’s name was drawn….major excitement! We have dedicated Sunday evening as our Family Formation night. This is when we do our weekly lesson and have a special dessert when we’re done. This is excellent family time that we all enjoy. I really encourage you to check out this fabulous program. Additionally, read their blog which is full of wonderful ways to incorporate the faith into our daily lives. God Bless! Heather 🙂

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