My Holy Mass Book

Like so many things Family Formation produces, My Holy Mass Book is designed to be used on a number of levels and will work as well for your non-reading kindergartner as it will for your know-it-all sixth grader.  At it’s most basic, the pictures match the visual cues of what’s happening on the altar and will help your little ones follow along and mark progress through the Mass as they move through the book.

At more advanced levels, there are three features that will help your kids more fully enter into each Mass:

  • Every section begins with a little piece explaining what’s going on.
  • Of course the booklet includes our verbal responses and our gestures so we can participate with body and voice.
  • And last, there are also places to write personal prayers and reflections.  For what are you thankful?  Did God tell you something during the readings or the homily?  For whom do you want to pray?

Answering questions like these are a wonderful way to truly enter in to the Mass and grow in maturity as a Christian!

Oh, and one last tip – make sure to have your student write his or her name on the cover.  We’re expecting quite a few of these to show up at Mass this month, and you’d hate to lose yours!

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