Simple costumes for All Saints’ Day (part 1)

Tunics are an essential for many biblical costumes.  For small children, an oversized T-shirt can serve this purpose.  For the “big” kids, all you need is a piece of fabric with a hole in the center for the head.  Most 45 or 60-inch-wide fabrics will work fine without doing something to finish the edges, but if you find that they start to fray too much, you can sew a hem or apply a no-sew product such as Fray Check.  To determine the length of fabric needed, measure from the shoulders down to where you want the tunic to end, and multiply by two.  Then, simply cut either a hole or a straight line in the center of the fabric, large enough to fit over the child’s head.


  • If cutting a line, make sure you cut it along the width of the fabric so that it follows the shoulder line.
  • Be careful to cut the hole a little smaller than you think you’ll need to start with.  It’s easy to make it bigger, but pretty hard to “uncut” a mistake.
  • If you’re comfortable with a little sewing you can create armholes by simply sewing the bottom 2/3 (or so) of the front and backs together at the sides.

Add a belt and the costume is complete.  The tunic is a simple start to dressing women, disciples, shepherds, kings, etc.

Props are what will make the difference and distinguish one saint from another.  Add a bathrobe for an extra layer.  Fabric draped over a tunic becomes a cloak, sash, cape, etc.  Add crowns for kings and queens, a fishing net for fisherman, a staff or sling for shepherds, a hammer and smock for carpenters, rope or twine for belts or waist ties.  Use your imagination!

More coming up tomorrow!

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