More effort means more time

Hello Everyone,
I love reading the documents of the Church. They provide such wisdom, reminding us what is really important. Take this quote from Pope Pius XI back in 1935 from the document On Better Care for Catechetical Teaching:

“Pastors and others having the care of souls should ever bear in mind that catechetical instruction is the foundation of the whole Christian life, and to its proper performance all their plans, studies, and efforts should be directed.”

The question is, “Are we really studying, planning, and putting in all the effort we should in regards to passing on the faith?” If not, now would be a good time to start. Notice also what Pope Pius XI says, that the foundation of the whole Christian life is due to catechetical instruction. Passing on the faith is of primary importance because it provides our children the proper foundation on which to build a relationship with Jesus, His Church, and knowledge of the mysteries of the faith. No wonder then Pope Pius XI is advocating us to put in more effort, create better plans, learn more on our own, and don’t leave passing on the faith to chance. In any other area of life in which we wish to train children we do research, take time out of our busy schedules, and make sure our children learn and do what needs to be done. Catechesis, the teaching of the faith, is no different. In fact, it is more important. Put the same effort you would into being at your child’s sporting event, play, bike riding practice, etc. and you have an idea of what is being asked. Just think of it as part of the parent job. You want a child who is in love with Christ to become an adult in love with Christ? Then you need to put in the effort. It is worth it. God can and will use you. Just start making more time to do so.  A simple way to start is to ask God in your prayer time, “What could I be doing better to lead my children to you?”  Then, of course, follow through with what He puts on your heart.  May God continue bless you all as you answer the call to teach your children the faith.

Yours in Christ,
Matthew Brounstein

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