Our Little Lent

It’s overwhelmingly easy to just start celebrating Christmas on November 1 (as soon as Halloween is out of the stores), but Catholic tradition teaches that there are greater rewards to be had by practicing the virtue of patience – also known (in this case) as the season of Advent.

Advent is a small reminder of all the centuries between creation and the “fullness of time” when God’s people longed for the promised Messiah, and it’s celebration unites us with them.  Just like Lent where we increase our prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, Advent presents the opportunity to empty ourselves a little more, so to make more room for Jesus!

This fits in well with the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy we’re studying this month.  Each lesson has lots of practical suggestions for ways to incorporate them into your lives, and I’m sure your family is coming up with lots more that uniquely fit your situation!  As you’re doing these two lessons, I’d like to suggest you get double benefits by framing all your “action points” in the context of Advent sacrifices.  Not only will you have some great activities for the lessons, but you’ll get the bonus of living within the rhythm of the Church as you prepare in a particular way for the coming of the Messiah at Christmas!

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