Double duty on this month’s memory verse

January’s memory prayer for grades 4-6 is a family vocations prayer from Archbishop Harry Flynn.  As you may have noticed, it’s a little longer than the average memory verse so you’ll want to start learning it right away, but even beyond that, I’d like to suggest a little different strategy for this month.

Almost all month we’ll be examining the topic of God’s call to each of us from different perspectives and a great way to tie it all together would be to have everyone in your family (toddlers to teens to grown-ups) recite this prayer together each day at a specific time like after a meal or before bed.

Not only will you pretty much guarantee your 4-6th graders will ace their memorization, but you will be modeling the value of prayer in your family, you’ll be helping the increase of vocations in your diocese, and you’ll be encouraging vocations in your family.  Win/win/win/win.

Feel free to copy the memory verse page from your home lesson so each of your pray-ers have their own copy to read, or you can paste the text in from the link above and print your own holy card sized prayers to keep at your most convenient location.

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