National Vocations Awareness Week

This week, the Catholic Church in America is celebrating National Vocation Awareness Week.  It began in 1976 and culminates each year with the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord.

Of course, we’re delighted that this happens to line up so nicely with our monthly topic and we hope the resources we post this week encourage your family in their study of vocations, and especially will help your children as they begin to discern where the Lord is calling them to serve.

To begin that process, you might want to check out your diocesan web site.  Here in Minnesota, it’s, but you can just do a search for [name of your diocese] Vocations Office and you’ll be able to find information that is relevant to your area.

You’ll always find the basics:

At this point, I need to add our typical warning about children using the internet*, but I strongly suggest you check out some of the resources on your diocesan vocation’s site and share the appropriate ones with your family.

*(There are many helpful and even holy places on the ‘net, but it’s a dangerous place for children who may lack the technical and discernment skills to navigate it safely.)

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