Fostering Vocations in Your Family

These ideas from a variety of parents via the Family Formation Parent Idea Exchange archives can help you encourage religious vocations in your home:

  • Adopt a seminarian!  Remember, seminarians are college students, and most love to get mail.  Send notes of encouragement, care packages during finals week, cookies on their birthdays, or invitations for a home cooked meal. Any seminarian you adopt will be glad to hear you’re praying for his discernment and for his studies as he works to become a holy priest someday.
  • Attend ordination in your diocese.
  • Visit a convent.
  • Introduce kids to real live priests, deacons, sisters, brothers, and seminarians to dispel myths about what their lives are like.  When kids see them playing basketball, and eating “normal” foods, it provides a more realistic perspective.  One of the most amazing things I remember as a child was when we visited a seminarian and saw that they had empty pizza boxes in the garbage.  (They eat PIZZA!)
  • Always present religious life in a positive light, not “If you (don’t do this or that), you’ll end up as a nun!”
  • Have a proper respect for the office of the priesthood.  Be grateful for your priest and don’t criticize him in front of your children.  There’s almost always something positive to say, and it not, it may be better to say nothing.
  • Invite your priest or deacon over for dinner.  During a busy time like Christmas or Holy Week, make a meal for him and deliver it.

Do you have more ideas?  We’d love to hear them in the comments box!

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