Before and After

So often we just move through our day-to-day areas of life with a general sense of gradual change (for better or worse), but concrete evidence can be harder to come by.  That’s why I love ideas that help measure progress.  It’s so encouraging to master a topic, or to look back over a period of time and see improvement, or to set a goal and meet the challenge.  Today’s idea falls into that category.  Over the next ten days, I’m going to post ideas for memorizing the Ten Commandments, but today I want to start with a tiny challenge – you could call it a pre-test (unless you get test anxiety, in which case you should just refer to is as Phase One in your General Awesome Plan of Encouragement and God’s Faithfulness).

Before you even begin trying to learn the Commandments or doing the Home Lessons, just take a minute to write down as many of the Commandments as you can.  If you’re sure you will fail miserably, I especially want you to do this, because with just a little concentrated effort I predict the most dramatic success and you’ll want the evidence.  When you’re done, have your other family members do the same.  Don’t be concerned about the wording or the order, but do the best you can on both.  If you have younger kids who can’t write yet, help them with the writing, but don’t prompt on the wording.  When you’re all done, just tuck the pages away until the end of the month when you’ll pull them out to compare with your post-test progress.

Why should you even bother to learn the Commandments?  Aren’t they just a list of obsolete rules?  Absolutely not!

And that’s just the start!  Knowing the Commandments in order and by heart is a foundational part of the Christian life and we encourage every member of your family, preschoolers-grown ups, to spend time learning them this month.  To that end, we hope these games, and those printed in this month’s Home Lesson packet, help you with that goal!


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