Catholic Academy – Commandment Edition

While it still may be fresh in their memories, ask your kids to show you the motions from last week’s Catholic Academy on the Ten Commandments.  It was a great introduction to the topic and came with a hand’s-on (finger play) component to help trigger memories of each of them in order.

  1. First Commandment – Hold up one finger to remind us that there is one God and He is first in our lives.
  2. Second Commandment – Hold up two fingers together and place them over your lips.  (Don’t speak the Lord’s name in any way that is not respectful and loving.)
  3. Third Commandment – Hold up your first three fingers apart in the shape of a W.  This reminds you that the Lord’s Day is reserved for worship.
  4. Fourth Commandment – Hold four fingers on your right hand together with your thumb tucked across your palm, and salute.  The salute reminds you to honor your parents and respect those they’ve placed in authority over you.
  5. Fifth Commandment – Make a fist with one hand as a reminder that you shall not kill.
  6. Sixth Commandment – Hold up a thumb on one hand and shield it with all five fingers of the other hand.  Think of it as shielding yourself from impurities.
  7. Seventh Commandment – Hold up all five fingers on one hand and use two from the other to pretend to pinch something out of your palm.  (The idea is that the pinch is “stealing” something.)
  8. Eighth Commandment – Hold up four fingers from each hand around your mouth, like you are shouting the truth.
  9. Ninth Commandment – Hold one hand open and hold up four fingers on the other hand.  Place both arms across your chest, in a “cross-my-heart” motion.  We promise to be true to our spouses.
  10. Tenth Commandment – Hold up all ten fingers and then move your hands into a prayerful position as a reminder to be thankful for your own stuff and to not want others’ stuff.

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One Comment on “Catholic Academy – Commandment Edition”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Thank you. It was so hard to find a Catholic version of this.

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